Jinjiang Winning Company holds “Win-Win” as a aim,provide professional technical advice and services.We have own design department with well-experienced and professional designers ,also do customize the style, design color as customer’s requirements. For production, we have professional QC team that can effectively prevent and control quality on bulk production process.

  • 1.Material Supplier
    We has special team for sourcing and developing new style. We have hundreds  supply vendors who provide their new novelty fabric to us every week. We update the fabric library monthly to keep it up to date.

  • 2.Quick response
    For specific design procurement and development requirements of customers, we have a quick response system. Most development projects can be successfully completed within 48 hours. If it is brand new in China, we will immediately analyze it and respond to our development plan within 48 hours.We have the experience and expertise to develop new designs, whether for special materials, special machines, special processes or combinations.

  • 3. Good communication
    Staffs of our sourcing team are well educated. They not only have the ability to source and develop design, but also have the ability to communicate with client’s design team very well. Their written and oral English is good. That’s why they can have a better understanding of client idea and keep at the same page.

  • 4.Service Process
    Receive Require >>> Send Formal Quotation >>> Samples For Confirmation >>> Waiting For PO >>> Provide PI For Confirmation >>> Waiting For Deposit >>> Start Production >>> Bulk production>>> Waiting for Balance Payment >>> Book Shipment >>> Delivery The Order >>> Send Original Shipping Documents/Telex release.

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